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Jenn DeLora – P.I.

Jennifer lost her hearing at the age of 10 after a childhood illness.  After finishing high school, she joined the workforce, finding a job with private detective, Jerry Logan, as his secretary!  While Jerry may have hired her for her looks, she proved to be both capable and loyal, staying with him when his formerly booming business began to lose steam in the late 1950’s.  By the early 1960’s, Jerry was barely able to make ends meet, and taking any job he could find.  Jerry could be an ass, which is part of the reason his business had fallen off, but over the years they developed a genuine platonic friendship based on mutual affection.  Jennifer didn’t forget that he had given her an opportunity to earn a living and she helped him out any way she could, including going undercover when the situation called for a woman’s touch!

It was on an undercover job for Jerry that her world was torn apart and her life changed forever when she found herself alone in a future she could not have imagined!  Having time-traveled to the past, and now the present, she’s hung up her own shingle, continuing Jerry’s legacy as Red Delora, Private Investigator!

Biographic Information
Birthdate:March 2, 1936
Birthplace:Ulster County, New York
Weight:130 lbs.
Hair Color:Red
Eye ColorGreen
Bust Size:36D

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