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VaVaVaVoom! is an anthology of Good Girl Art stories!  The stories span many genres including:  Pulp Detective, Jungle Adventure, Superhero, Sci-Fi, and Myth!  The protagonists of the stories are intelligent and attractive females of varying ethnicities and eras.  Each issue of the series contains several stories, some of which are continued in other issues and others which are complete in a single issue!  The concept is a throwback to the Golden Age of comic books when diverse stories were told between the covers, with a nod to Bronze Age storytelling!  Ultimately, however, the intent is to entertain and intrigue!
The published comic book is available through IndyPlanet and is sold at conventions where the contributing artists are present!  If stories featuring adventurous, smart, and attractive heroines are your taste, then VaVaVaVoom! is for you!