“The book looks fabulous. Great design thruout. Superb artwork! Reminds me of the best of the Warren B&W’s.” – Bill B., Publisher of AC Comics

“This is a fun book…While the characters may be on the supple and savory side, they are very much empowered.” – Richard Caldwell reviewing VaVaVaVoom #3    For the full review visit his blog!

“A rollicking throwback book that’s worth a look!” – From a review of VaVaVaVoom Issue #3 by Michael Roberts of Project Fanboy (Read the full review of Issue 3 at Project Fanboy)

“The individual stories- some self-contained and some continuing, cover a large scale of possibility and environments, from jungle action to gangbusters to alien worlds. More noteworthy still is in the fact that every single heroine presented represents something other than the aryan barbie doll. These ladies are of ranging cultures and ethnicities, which is a fine example of how far-reaching this work actually is… For one writer to successfully encapsulate such diverse narratives is really something else.” – Richard C. of ComicNews
(Click here for the full review of Issues 1 and 2 or here)

“Good stuff, man!  Really good!” – Seb P. of Project Fanboy  reviewing Issue 2.      Read the full Project Fanboy Review of Issue 2

“Uniformly excellent! The stories deliver surprising twists and the artwork deserves special note!” – Jim J.

“The comic was a fun read! I loved Alina’s combat with the constrictor and the Ace’s panic over her predicament was a welcome relief from the boring “tough-as-nails” attitude of most of today’s heroines!” – David H.

“VaVaVaVoom! is one of the indies that belongs in Heavy Metal, where it could be seen by a wide audience of readers. I mean many of the graphics in its pages deserve to be seen by the kind of readership Heavy Metal commands. Daddy like.” – David P. Metal Madness

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