Here you will find art and stories featuring gorgeous heroines in action-adventure tales filled with danger and peril.   A variety of genres and a variety of beauties are sure to pique the interest and inflame the imagination of readers.  Classic storytelling and modern Good Girl art combine to offer a throwback to the Golden Age of comic books when diverse stories were told between the covers!  The ultimate intent is to entertain and intrigue!


Going from one terror to another, jungle adventurer Alina Aguilar, experiences a night she’ll want to forget full of encounters with the classic creatures that live in all of our nightmares!

10 pages, full color.  Story by Paul Monsky, illustrated by Ed Coutts, colored by Victor Raniery, lettered by Rick Joseph.

Smoke and Mirrors
Smoke and Mirrors - $3
Monsters - $2
The Objective - $2
Predator and Prey - $3

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VaVaVaVoom Issue 1 Cover
VaVaVaVoom! #1 -$5
VaVaVaVoom Issue 2 Cover
VaVaVaVoom! #2 - $5
VaVaVaVoom Issue 3 Cover
VaVaVaVoom! #3 - $5

Printed in black and white with color covers.  Various artists.