Good Girl Art Anthology
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Con Sketch-Pittsburgh Comicon 2012

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Pencils by Ed Coutts

Art created at Pittsburgh Comicon 2010 with pencils by Ed Coutts and digital inking and coloring by Koa Beam!

Lt. Ann Li by Ed Coutts

A hybrid con sketch/commission, Ed drew this in an ink wash.  A future scene from Lt. Li’s adventures!

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Alina by Bill Marimon

Sketches of Alina from comic book conventions:

The Ace by Ed Coutts and Koa Beam

Another Pittsburgh show is in the books!  Had a great time and purchased some nice sketches!  This one of the Ace was pencilled by Ed Coutts and then digitally inked and colored by Koa Beam from a digital photograph of the original pencils.  Pretty cool process which I got to watch!  More to follow!