Good Girl Art Anthology
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The Beast has the Beauty!

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It’s a tough world in the VaVaVaVoom! Universe

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Profile of the Ace!
‘Nuff Said!

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The Ace is Aces!

 A commissioned digital painting of the Ace by redfill

Art created at Pittsburgh Comicon 2010 with pencils by Ed Coutts and digital inking and coloring by Koa Beam!

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Sample art from "Radkovic's" featuring the Ace

A page from the upcoming story, “Radkovic’s,” featuring the Ace!  Art and lettering by Rob Jones!

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Ace Action Figure - Photo

Superheroine, Sofia Pinero, a.k.a., “The Ace,” makes her debut as an action figure thanks to Pat Billings Custom Toyz! She looks fantastic as can be seen in the snapshots below! Thanks to Pat for his attention to detail and fantastic work!

Rough of "Radkovic's" Page 5 by Rob Jones

A look at some of the work in progress of the new Ace story, “Radkovic’s,” with art and lettering by Rob Jones and coloring by David King.  These are a smattering of pages at the rough layout stage.  By the way, the first part of the story has already been inked and lettered and is […]

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Character Ref for Sofia

Some character reference I created for Sofia Pinero in both her costumed guise and normal civilian look prior to collaborating on her first story.  As you can see, she dresses very conservatively and looks and feels very plain in her everyday life as she suppresses her sexuality, but, when she puts on the costume, she […]

The Ace Story Sample

Sample pages from the Ace’s premiere story as published in VaVaVaVoom! Issues 1 and 2 available from IndyPlanet!