Good Girl Art Anthology
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Sample art from "Radkovic's" featuring the Ace

A page from the upcoming story, “Radkovic’s,” featuring the Ace!  Art and lettering by Rob Jones!

Land of the Giants Sample 2

Here are sample pages from “Land of the Giants,” published in VaVaVaVoom! Issue 3 and available from IndyPlanet.  Artwork by Bill Marimon, story by me.

Taryn - 2nd sample page

A couple of sample pages of “Taryn” published in Issues 2 and 3 of VaVaVaVoom!, available at IndyPlanet.  Art by Atula Siriwardane, story by me.

"Monsters" Sample 2

“Monsters” featuring Lt. Ann Li, was published in VaVaVaVoom! Issue 3, available from IndyPlanet!  Artwork is by Jeff Austin, story by me!

The Objective Sample 2

Sample pages from “The Objective” published in VaVaVaVoom! Issue 2, available at IndyPlanet!  Pencils by Rudy Nebres, inks and tones by Ed Coutts, story by me!

Predator and Prey Sample 4th Sample page

A sample of the finished art for “Predator and Prey” featuring Alina!  Lineart by Rob Jones, colors by Rob Beachler, and story by me!

The Ace Story Sample

Sample pages from the Ace’s premiere story as published in VaVaVaVoom! Issues 1 and 2 available from IndyPlanet!

Monster Page by Kevin Rasel

Sample page from the story “Monster!” published in Issue 2 of VaVaVaVoom!  available at IndyPlanet!

First Page of Lt. li story in Issue 1

Art by Bill Marimon; story by Paul Monsky

1st page of Smoke and Mirrors

Below are a couple of preview pages for “Smoke and Mirrors” the first Jenn Delora tale!  The entire story can be read by purchasing VaVaVaVoom! Issues 1-3 at IndyPlanet or by going to Carbonated Comics and purchasing the story for download from the web!