Good Girl Art Anthology
Essence Splash WiP

Fans of old monster movies may appreciate this Alina story being drawn by Silvano.  Here are some of the rough layouts for a few pages and a splash!

Rough of "Radkovic's" Page 5 by Rob Jones

A look at some of the work in progress of the new Ace story, “Radkovic’s,” with art and lettering by Rob Jones and coloring by David King.  These are a smattering of pages at the rough layout stage.  By the way, the first part of the story has already been inked and lettered and is […]

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Ann by Jesse Garza

I thought I’d share a couple of unsolicited artworks done of Lt. Ann Li by fans of the character!
The first is Ann based on her tale in Issue 1 of VaVaVaVoom!  The second is by my wife’s uncle based on one of Ann’s tales in Issue 3 of VaVaVaVoom!  Pretty cool!

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Bill Marimon, who drew a Lt. Li story in VaVaVaVoom! Issues 1 and 3, did this nifty animation of Ann and her nemesis from the first issue!
Lt. Li Animation Animation
Flash Animation by Bill Marimon . Best viewed in Full Screen Mode.

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Alina by Gonzales and Tilley

A con sketch of Alina drawn by Gene Gonzales and colored by Tim Tilley!

Lt. Ann Li by Ed Coutts

A hybrid con sketch/commission, Ed drew this in an ink wash.  A future scene from Lt. Li’s adventures!

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Character Ref for Sofia

Some character reference I created for Sofia Pinero in both her costumed guise and normal civilian look prior to collaborating on her first story.  As you can see, she dresses very conservatively and looks and feels very plain in her everyday life as she suppresses her sexuality, but, when she puts on the costume, she […]

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Lt. Li by Jeff Austin

Artist, Jeff Austin, did this illustration of a scene from Lt. Li’s story in the first issue of VaVaVaVoom! in preparation for drawing his story in the third issue!

Land of the Giants Sample 2

Here are sample pages from “Land of the Giants,” published in VaVaVaVoom! Issue 3 and available from IndyPlanet.  Artwork by Bill Marimon, story by me.

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Biker Jenn

The fictional alter ego and the real-life inspiration for Jenn!

Taryn - 2nd sample page

A couple of sample pages of “Taryn” published in Issues 2 and 3 of VaVaVaVoom!, available at IndyPlanet.  Art by Atula Siriwardane, story by me.